Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine Pain Treatment


Prolotherapy is a proven medical treatment using biochemical stimulant injections that aid in the repair of injured or weakened tissues. Under fluoroscopy or ultrasound, the medication is injected to the target area, causing the release of multiple growth factors to produce a natural healing effect. Prolotherapy mimics the body’s natural response to an injury – increasing the blood supply and nutrients to the area, and stimulating tissue repair. These injections have a wide application, helping to heal tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, joint capsules, cartilage and other weakened or injured body parts.

A Florida Academy of Pain Medicine position paper, reviewing 40 case studies with 530,000 participants, noted an improvement of 45% to 82% in the ability to return to work and participate in previous functional activities.

Research in the area of Regenerative Medicine and Prolotherapy has been enhanced with the new interest in stem cells and the potential of repairing and regenerating human tissue. This rapidly growing area of medical treatment will continue to be on the forefront of medical research with continued innovative treatments and applications.

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