Injury after a car accident causes inflammation and swelling of the injured parts of the body. Inflammation protects against infection and starts the healing response. If inflammation continues for more than a few days, it will cause further damage to the already injured part of the body. You need to go to a medical doctor to be sure that the inflammation stops and the healing begins.

A recent study of one hundred and eleven patients compared standard physical therapy and conservative treatments to early medical therapy for acute injury. Thirty percent of the patients had neck injuries, ten percent had mid-spine injuries and sixty percent had low back injuries. Patients treated medically after the accident had significantly improved outcomes, and most of those treated immediately after injury demonstrated complete recovery. None of the patients medically treated immediately after injury required narcotic medication.

This and other recent studies suggest that rapid medical treatment of injuries will substantially reduce both the pain and any impairment after an accident. It further reduces the risks of narcotic use following accidents and injury. This and other studies show markedly improved outcomes and functional performance if medical treatment occurs immediately after an accident.

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