Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy)

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy) is an advanced treatment modality to repair injured tissue. Leading the way in cutting edge modalities, the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute offers yet another minimally-invasive solution for repairing damaged or inflamed structures in the body. A platelet rich plasma injection is used to initiate the regenerative effects of our body’s own healing powers. Platelets have been found to store the chemicals responsible for healing. By concentrating these bioactive substances, healing can be initiated in structures normally unable to heal naturally.


How Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Works

When under the care of the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute, our Board Certified Physicians will perform thorough diagnostic studies to properly deduce the root of your pain. Once you have met with our Physicians face-to-face to discuss your treatment, it may be determined that platelet rich plasma injection therapy is a viable remedy to the pain you are experiencing. A platelet rich plasma injection is all natural, containing no additives, and the process entails extracting blood from the patient’s arm to be placed into a centrifuge apparatus. This device spins at high speeds, which in turn creates plasma that contains a rich concentration of platelets. These platelets are then re-injected into the specific joints, tendons, and ligaments that ail you.

Once in your system, the plasma rich platelets will be attracted to the damaged area, producing healing proteins called “growth factors” that stimulate the body’s natural healing and regeneration process; the result is a faster, more advanced healing process. There are currently no known side effects of PRP therapy, though there is some painful swelling involved. Fortunately, once this pain quickly subsides, you can say goodbye to your joint pain.

When to Approach PRP Therapy

This advanced therapy offered by the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute can treat everything from tennis elbow to arthritis. If you’re experiencing pain that disrupts your daily life, you’ll find the state-of-the-art platelet rich plasma therapy offered by the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute will help you find freedom from pain. Most commonly, one injection is all that is needed to alleviate damage and inflammation in the long-term.

Platelet rich plasma injection therapy has gained much attention nationally for helping two notable football champions rebound from injury to play in the Super Bowl, and now this state-of-the-art pain treatment is available to all residents of South Florida courtesy of the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute. Whether you’re dealing with sciatica in Boca Raton or spinal stenosis in West Palm Beach, our caring offices can help you walk away from your pain permanently.

To not be able to move or get out of bed for about 3 years... it took everything I love. The staff at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute gave me a lot of hope. It took a few weeks and I started to feel better. It was miraculous. I danced... hiked ... doing kung-fu again ... it's definitely worth it. You can't put a price on feeling good. You cannot put a price on your health.

Colleen D.


I have not had pain of any extent for the last 6 month. Personal service is the thing… his technique definitely worked for me. They have been absolutely first class.

Dan L.


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