Shoulder Pain Conditions

Shoulder Pain & Shoulder Injury Treatment

Shoulder injuries, dysfunction, and pain are common medical problems that affect thousands of people every year.  The shoulder  joint is one of the most active and used joints in our body.  It has the greatest range of motion of all of our articulations and is subject to significant  wear and tear.  Shoulder pain can arise from the many tendons that direct the shoulder movements (rotator cuff), the acromioclavicular joint that helps to stabilize the shoulder or the glenohumeral or ball and socket joint of the shoulder.  Many times shoulder pain is caused by multiple conditions that affect these structures simultaneously.

Shoulder Pain Conditions

Some of the most common shoulder conditions are:

  1. Labrum and Articular cartilage injury, degeneration and tears
  2. Tendinitis and impingement of the rotator cuff
  3. Tendon tears
  4. Bursitis
  5. Acromioclavicular joint injuries, arthritis and ligament tears


Shoulder Pain Diagnosis

A comprehensive history with a careful and thorough examination is always necessary to accurately evaluate the shoulder symptoms and determine the correct diagnosis. Imaging studies are often needed, including x-rays, MRIs, ultrasound and CT scans. Normal use and wear-and-tear over time can cause degeneration, as can repetitive stress and acute injury. The history and description of symptoms are critical in arriving at the correct diagnosis. Early treatment of these conditions can often minimize the need for surgery and further joint degeneration.

Treating Shoulder Pain With Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medical techniques are a new and modern approach to the treatment of painful shoulder conditions.  Much of the scientific basis for these treatments comes from stem cell research. Regenerating and repairing  damaged tissue and promoting healing of injuries and joint degeneration specifically applies to the shoulder. Prolotherapy of the shoulder has been a form of treatment that has been used successfully for more than fifty years.  It has been proven effective, safe and with minimal side effects.  Recently, Platelet Rich Plasma (P.R.P.) treatments have added additional safe and effective modern therapy options to the treatment of the many shoulder conditions.

We have been successfully treating shoulder conditions in West Palm Beach with these modern therapies for more than fifteen years.  We use direct fluoroscopic guidance for exact specificity in our treatment protocols.  Contact Us online or call (561) 649-8770 to reach Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute to diagnose and  discuss the treatment options available to you to correct your shoulder condition.

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