Auto Accident Injury? Your Health Comes First?

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Auto Accident Injury?
Your Health Comes First


Auto Accident? Who will provide the right medical treatment?

Here's why you need to see a medical doctor first.

Being in an auto accident is difficult on so many levels, especially if you have pain or suffer a medical injury. Remember to receive full auto insurance benefits, Florida law requires medical treatment to be authorized by a medical doctor with 14 days of your car accident. We can help and direct you through the complicated processes following your accident. What is most important is to identify and quickly start the treatment of your injuries and fulfill the Florida PIP requirements.

We care about your injury and pain. We focus on providing appropriate medical care with non-narcotic pain management. We're here for you. Call us at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute (561-649-8770). Don't delay your healing.

For medical advice, call us. Faster healing without narcotics.

Dr. Gorfine will diagnose and treat your injuries
and help alleviate pain without narcotics.

When I first arrived to Dr. Lawrence Gorfine’s office I was in terrible pain. I couldn’t walk. After receiving treatment for the lower back, right side, I started to feel a little better. I thought the pain would never go away. The weeks went by and the pain slowly started to leave. To all my family and friends, I would recommend you to come and visit Dr. Gorfine and the wonderful staff, they are all great!



Dr. Gorfine and his staff have been awesome throughout my visits to Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute. All the procedures have been thoroughly explained, leaving no question or doubt as to what is going to happen. The entire staff has always been very helpful and courteous, whether in the office or on the phone. I have had much relief with my problem areas since my treatment began at Palm Beach Spine.



I feel great.  I was able to take my European trip.  I walked six miles a day and I generally feel like a new person!



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