Facet Injury Radiofrequency Back Pain Treatment

Facet Joint Injury Radiofrequency Back Pain Treatment

How Is Radiofrequency Used For Pain Coming From The Neck, Mid and Low Back?

Often pain experienced from the spine in the neck, mid or low back arises from the facet joints. These are small joints that move when the spine moves and help to hold the spine together. They are true joints, like the knee joints or finger joints. With repeated stress, trauma, accidents or because of the changes that occur with age and arthritis, these joints can cause pain in the upper, middle and lower parts of the spine. Radiofrequency, when applied to the facet joints, eliminates the pain signals that go from the facet joints to the brain and cause the feeling of pain.

Facet Radiofrequency Denervation

What Are Facet Joints?

Facet joints are small joints in the back-side of the spine that stabilize our back and neck and allow us to be upright. Facets also enable us to turn and twist our bodies. These joints have synovial linings and fluid like all other joints or articulations in our body. Facet joints are highly flexible and are constantly moving with our daily activities.

Why Are They Painful?

Because these joints are constantly moving, they are highly susceptible to injury and wear and tear. They often degenerate from wear and tear over time and with age. When damaged by trauma or the effects of age and arthritis, they can cause unrelenting, severe pain in the neck, chest or low back.

Who Gets Facet Pain?

Often back pain and neck pain are caused by previous trauma such as an automobile accident, a sports injury or a fall. Studies have shown that the majority of whiplash injuries and pain in the neck following an automobile accident arise from the facet joints. With Lumbar Facet injuries, the pain even goes down into the legs and can feel like sciatica.

What Do We Do At Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute To Treat Facet Pain?

If it is determined that your pain is caused from your facets and there are no contraindications, then one option maybe to inject a small dose of anti-inflammatory steroid and local anesthetic into each facet joint. This is done using an x-ray machine so that the medications can be placed with precision into each facet joint. The actual procedure takes only about twenty minutes to perform.

How Long Will The Rf Treatment Work?

Some people respond to steroid injections much better than others. In some cases patients get complete relief from a single injection. Others may need two or more treatments. If you get good short-term relief from one or two injections, but the pain keeps coming back, then a Radiofrequency (RF) treatment may be considered. This is a minimally invasive procedure where the physician uses radiofrequency to break the communication link that signals pain from the spine to your brain by essentially numbing the nerve at the painful joint.

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