Tennis ElbowWhat causes Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow as it is commonly called is a repetitive stress injury of the tendons that attach to the outside part of the elbow.  There are many causes of tennis elbow, both from work related causes to sports related causes. Any action that causes the arm to extend or straighten repetitively can cause micro-tears and trauma to the tendons.  This causes a painful area on the lateral or outside part of the elbow.  Movement or use of the elbow can become extremely painful.

The classic treatment of this injury has been to stop the repetitive activity and rest the arm.  This is often difficult or impossible, as we need and use our arms for numerous daily activities.  And, often even with rest, bracing and medication, the tendons do not heal and people continue to suffer with incapacitating pain.

New Treatments for Extensor Tendonitis or Lateral Epicondylitis

tennis elbowBut, there is a new and better way to treat Tennis Elbow, Extensor Tendonitis or Lateral Epicondylitis.  Regenerative Medicine, or Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments stimulate the body’s natural response to an injury and tissue damage by increasing tissue repair and healing.

Prolotherapy uses injections of proliferent medications that stimulate the growth of new tissue to produce a natural healing effect.  Prolotherapy has been safely performed for more than 75 years. As a leading provider of prolotherapy in Lake Worth, Florida, Dr. Lawrence Gorfine can evaluate if you are a suitable candidate. Read more about prolotherapy in Palm Beach County.

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Other Pain Management Therapies

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a treatment using a concentrated source of our own platelets to stimulate healing and the growth of new repaired tissue.  Platelets contain numerous types of growth factors, which are used to stimulate stem cell growth, and can be used clinically to initiate healing of bones, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Both treatments have been shown to be effective treatment modalities for Tennis Elbow injuries.  Tendon and ligament strength is increased due to the creation of additional collagen fibers, which thickens and strengthens the degenerated or injured tendons.  In many people, Tennis Elbow can be completely cured allowing the person to return to work or to the sports activity that initially caused the injury.  Both treatments are safe and cause few, if any temporary side effects. If you are interested in finding out if Prolotherapy or PRP in Lake Worth, Palm Beach County, are the right treatment option for your condition, please Contact Us.