Make It First On Your Priority List!

Motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents are major causes of injury and pain. If not correctly and rapidly treated, long-term pain and disability may occur. Following an automobile accident, seeking medical treatment should be the first action you take! Your health is top priority! It is essential that you seek rapid medical treatment by a medical doctor. You may not immediately experience pain, as often pain begins hours after the injury when the inflammation begins. Rapid-immediate medical treatment can limit the inflammatory processes, relieve your pain and promote healing of your injuries. Narcotics, physical therapy and pain medications hide the real injury and damage by making you briefly feel better. If medical doctor based treatments are delayed, more damage may occur to the injured part of your body. Physical therapy and chiropractic treatments can be helpful after medical treatment and the inflammation has been stopped.

Inflammation occurs rapidly in the early and acute stages following an injury. Inflammation causes swelling and the buildup of toxins inhibiting the beginning of the repair and healing processes. Pain often later escalates as a result of the damage to tissue, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Rather than simply administering pain medication and masking your injury, our Board Certified Physicians diagnose the sources and causes of your pain and injury. They provide immediate pain relief through innovative non-surgical techniques without the use of narcotics or opioids. These techniques, used in conjunction with physical therapy treatments, stop the inflammatory process and limit further tissue damage. Our techniques are designed to quickly return the injured part of your body to its normal function.

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