Your Health Comes First

Healthcare in America has become a complex administrative task with insurance companies often directing the course and timing of treatment. Some practitioners responded by trying to quickly churn through patients like a fast-food restaurant.

Not at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute – Your Health Comes First!

All of our patients spend meaningful time with Dr. Gorfine for a proper evaluation of the nature of the pain / injury. We make arrangements for all relevant diagnostic tests (some of which are performed right in our facility), analyze the results and offer treatment options.

We do not perform major expensive back surgery. We don’t prescribe narcotics to mask the symptoms. Instead, we treat the source of the pain / injury with minimally-invasive procedures to produce long-term relief.

How? Dr. Gorfine has always been in the forefront of the latest medical advances and has pioneered the newest techniques that have just recently become in great demand. Of course, those other doctors don’t have decades of experience performing procedures such radiofrequency treatments. These procedures and more (facet injections & RF, epidural steroid injections, laser therapy, micro-targeted cortisone injections, etc.) are performed in our own state-of the art surgical center.

If you are in pain or have any musculoskeletal injury, call Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute at (561) 630-3870, or use our contact form to schedule an evaluation. We promise you won’t be treated like a number. We provide personal treatment, focus on your pain / injury and make sure that your health comes first.

At Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute our board-certified physicians are dedicated to treating your injury and providing pain management in Palm Beach. They excel in making the diagnosis of difficult medical, orthopedic and pain problems. They specialize in performing innovative, minimally invasive techniques and procedures that eliminate pain at its source. The goal is to solve the patients’ ailment and allow them to return to a normal level of activity. Click here to contact us today.

Employee Responsibilities

As an employee, you have become a respected member of our professional healthcare team at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute, P.A. (“PBS&DI”)  The staff and health professionals here provide patients with the highest quality of care available. We expect each employee to contribute to this great tradition of caring. This group practice of health professionals offers the best opportunity to promote and maintain the highest level of medical proficiency, as well as integration into the overall organizational system for delivery of quality patient care. The courtesy and helpfulness of the staff are indispensable ingredients of patient care/services and strongly influence the patient’s treatment experience and desire to return for future care. The employees and medical staff of PBS&DI are the cornerstones of our success. Consistent updating of facilities and equipment, as well as continuing education of the staff is vital. PBS&DI has made a commitment to the medical profession and the public to offer the best and most innovative medical treatment available. Through technology, education and foremost – loyalty to our patients, we can promote and maintain the highest level of quality medical care. Patient care is a team effort. The employees at PBS&DI are our most valued assets and we have a great deal of confidence in their abilities and dedication.

What We Treat

The Doctors of PBSDI are Double-Board Certified and have extensive experience treating pain management in Palm Beach including Neck and Back Injuries with pain, Degenerative spinal conditions, Neck & Back pain, Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Discs, Radiculopathy and many other less common Spine Ailments. They treat SPORTS Injuries, Joint, Tendon and Ligament strains and tears. They treatPlantar Fasciitis, common in runners, joggers and those on their feet for long hours. They treat Tennis Elbow and Golfers’ Elbow pain. They treat Knee and Shoulder Injuries and painful joint or articulation conditions. They treat SACROILIAC Joint dysfunction, CRPS, RSD and have new and unique treatments that are extremely effective, eliminating the need for open surgical procedures.

Our Doctors use new, modern & advanced, innovative & minimally invasive techniques to find the cause of hard to diagnose medical, orthopedic and pain illnesses. They treat these conditions with creative State-of-the-art techniques, utilizing Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Cryotherapy, Fluoroscopy and other innovative and highly selective techniques to quickly restore the person to normal activities.

Many of our patients have had unsuccessful treatments and are surprised at the different approach and successful results our physicians are able to provide for them. See our real patient testimonials for more information regarding treatment outcomes. Difficult problems are our specialty. Call us for more information about your specific problem.

To not be able to move or get out of bed for about 3 years... it took everything I love. The staff at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute gave me a lot of hope. It took a few weeks and I started to feel better. It was miraculous. I danced... hiked ... doing kung-fu again ... it's definitely worth it. You can't put a price on feeling good. You cannot put a price on your health.

Colleen D.


I have not had pain of any extent for the last 6 month. Personal service is the thing… his technique definitely worked for me. They have been absolutely first class.

Dan L.


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About Us

Providing world-class, non-surgical orthopedic medicine is the ground breaking approach to pain management and at the heart of the programs offered at the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute.

Surgery is not the best choice for everyone nor is it indicated in every circumstance. Surgery is not always the “last resort”, nor does it always “fix the problem”. With the advancements in the field of orthopedic medicine and interventional modalities, many acute and chronic injuries and pain can be diagnosed and managed using non-surgical approaches. The physicians at the Institute understand the complex nature of pain and how it adversely affects every aspect of your life. Through a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, examination, and comprehensive intake of your lifestyle and medical history, the team will create an efficient, progressive, individualized plan for pain management and long-term relief. Our programs do not include narcotic pain management. The Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute offers the expertise, the resources to handle complex cases, and access to the latest medical advances. Our team is a leader in ground-breaking changes to how pain is managed by combining modalities to provide maximum relief so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

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Our Doctor


Board Certified in Anesthesiology Board Certified in Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Board Certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine Dr. Gorfine is Past-Chairman of the Pain Committee of the Florida Society of Anesthesiologists and is Past-President of the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine. He was Director of Pain Medicine, Associate Professor and Fellowship Director of Pain Management at the Medical College of Virginia. As a leader in his field, Dr. Gorfine has over 25 years of experience in anesthesiology and pain medicine. He has lectured and educated both residents and fellows at university medical centers throughout the country.

B.S., Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
M.D., University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Medicine and Surgery, Brown University Hospitals, Providence, RI
Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Tufts New England Medical Center Hospitals, Boston, MA
JFK Medical Center, Lake Worth
JFK Medical Center-North Campus, West Palm Beach

Specializing in Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Interventions For The Treatment Of Spine And Musculoskeletal Disorders

From car accidents to work related injuries or pain due to ageing or disease processes, the team at the Institute has the expertise to provide you with a plan of care focused on getting you back to work and to enjoying your life. The team has proven expertise in caring for patients with both acute and chronic pain. The physicians at the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute are well respected among their colleagues often caring for other physicians and their families. Many of our patients come for a second opinion or because they do not want to have surgery and want to seek out other treatment options. Patients living in South Florida and around the country have found the programs and treatments offered at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute get them back to work and life more quickly because of the innovative and ground-breaking treatment plans created for them. Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute is focused on creating experiences that exceed your expectations. Our staff respects your time as well as your privacy. Our Institute is designed to decrease stress while offering a relaxing non-rushed atmosphere. Patients from around the country and the world come to the Institute to find solutions to their discomfort and management of pain. The physicians at the Institute are all boarded in pain medicine and have been practicing for many years.

B.S., Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
M.D., University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Medicine and Surgery, Brown University Hospitals, Providence, RI

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Tufts New England Medical Center Hospitals, Boston, MA
Hospital Privileges:
JFK Medical Center, Lake Worth
JFK Medical Center-North Campus, West Palm Beach

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