Patients often come to the Institute for a second opinion regarding a recommendation for surgery or regarding a treatment plan presented by other physicians. Second opinions offer insight into other treatment options that may or may not have been recommended by your first doctor. Seeking a second opinion provides benefit from an expert team of specialists who are leaders in their field. The new information may confirm a physician’s treatment plan, re-evaluate a diagnosis, examine other options and provide information to make an informed decision.

The physicians at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute specialize in diagnosing difficult medical, orthopaedic and pain problems. Taking the time to complete a comprehensive evaluation and examination along with review of diagnostic tests allows our team to get to the root of your issue and not treat symptoms but rather the cause of your pain. Our philosophy is focused on healing at the source of pain – which often allows patients to avoid unnecessary surgery, injections, and tests.

The Institute offers innovative, leading edge, minimally invasive non-surgical technologies to address each patient’s unique situation. Our goal is to restore you to your optimum health and life as quickly as possible. Because we focus on the right level of care at the right time we are able to bypass unneeded tests and treatment protocols that often result in loss of time and prolonged pain.

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The Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute accepts worker’s compensation, auto insurance, and some insurance plans. If the Institute does not accept your insurance, we will work with your “out-of-network” benefits.

Our financial service representative will submit assigned insurance claims for your convenience. Payment is due at the time of service. The institute accepts cash, checks, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Please call to discuss cost of service.


Common questions:
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Will My Health Insurance Pay for PBS&DI medical services?

Benefits vary by insurance plan. Our service team will do a complete benefit check and review the results with you.

What Is My Financial Responsibility?

Patient responsibility depends on the benefits and structure of your insurance plan. Each plan is different as to what is a covered . We will verify your benefits before your appointment and we can help you understand your insurance coverage and your financial responsibility during your financial consultation.

If I Have No Health Insurance Coverage, What Is the Cost of My Treatment?

The costs can vary depending on what type of treatment is needed. Our Financial Service Representative will meet with you to review the cost for treatment. We work with non-insured patients all the time.

Do I Have to Get My Insurance Pre-authorization or Do You Do It?

If your insurance requires a pre-authorization, then you must get a referral from your designated primary care provider before your initial appointment.

Do I Need a Referral in Order to Be Evaluated?

You do not need a referral to be seen at the Institute. Based on your insurance there maybe out of pocket costs.

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Providing world-class, non-surgical orthopedic medicine is the ground breaking approach to pain management and at the heart of the programs offered at the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute.

Surgery is not the best choice for everyone nor is it indicated in every circumstance. Surgery is not always the “last resort”, nor does it always “fix the problem”. With the advancements in the field of regenerative medicine and interventional modalities, many acute and chronic injuries and pain can be diagnosed and managed using non-surgical approaches. The physicians at the Institute understand the complex nature of pain and how it adversely affects every aspect of your life. Through a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, examination, and comprehensive intake of your lifestyle and medical history, the team will create an efficient, progressive, individualized plan for pain management and long-term relief.

Our programs do not include narcotic pain management.

The Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute offers the expertise, the resources to handle complex cases, and access to the latest a medical advance. Our team is a leader in ground-breaking changes to how pain is managed by combining modalities to provide maximum relief so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

The Institute’s Patient Navigator will assist and guide you through your treatment plan ensuring you get any necessary tests and schedule appointments. She is focused on your experience and providing additional information and resources to enhance your success.


Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute offers concierge services for patients living outside of South Florida as well as internationally providing innovative patient-centered, non-surgical orthopedic care for pain management. Combining interventional therapies and regenerative medicine, our team is dedicated to finding a unique plan to get you back to your life.

Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, and less than an hour from Miami International Airport, Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute offers world-class outpatient non-surgical orthopedic medicine. You and your family can enjoy the luxuries of world class sporting events, shopping and beaches in South Florida while receiving your medical care.

Each year patients from all over the country come to the Institute for specialized minimally invasive interventional and regenerative medical care not readily available close to home. Sometimes patients come because a physician needs to refer a difficult case that requires a higher level of expertise or because of the Institute’s reputation for higher quality care. Regardless, our professional staff is committed to providing patients with the best care possible and experience.

Our Medical Concierge Team helps to coordinate care and for any special arrangements visiting patients and their families may require. Once your medical appointment is scheduled, our concierge representative can help with any additional arrangements including transportation, lodging, medical appointments, and more.

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