I had debilitating symptoms for 6 weeks. Initially, it was so bad that I couldn’t move off the floor, sleep for more than an hour, or do any normal activities. Dr. Gorfine and his staff were amazing. It was my first time having any medical problems and they made the whole thing effortless. Dr. Gorfine took time to explain what was causing the problem and how it could be treated. And, after several treatments, I was able to resume normal activities and the pain and leg symptoms where gone. I recommend Dr. Gorfine to all of my friends who are in pain.


My Mom, age 95 fell twice on Sunday, February 16, 2014 while on vacation in Florida. The fall was due to severe anemia. She nearly passed out again the following Monday morning. We took Mom to Broward Medical Center. The hospital staff fixed the anemia and found she had a fracture in her back due to her recent falls. She was in the hospital for 7 days, 5 days in critical care. The pain was so severe in Mom’s’ back, we decided to take her to Dr. Larry Gorfine, at Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Center, in  Lake Worth, Fl.  Dr. Gorfine. did his magic and Mom felt better immediately. Nobody can do what Dr. Larry Gorfine can do.

Mom is now walking with her cane. The wheelchair never got rented and the walker is collecting dust. We had a VNA Nurse come to her house and she expects Mom to make a complete recovery. Mom said recently she loves her apartment and wants to stay there. Here is a direct quote from Mom dated March 26, 2014 “I went swimming yesterday for the first time since I hurt my back. I could do everything I used to do. Dr. Larry Gorfine changed my life.”

Thank you, Dr. Gorfine
Joe D.

Dr. Gorfine is the most caring and compassionate doctor you can ever find, he really understands pain and how miserable it can make your life, so he works with you until your pain is gone. These days is almost impossible to find a doctor that give you more than 10 minutes, Dr. Gorfine listens and talks to you for as long as necessary to understand your pain, from the beginning you’ll notice the difference between regular doctors and one who really cares like him.

Thanks Dr. Gorfine,

The care and kindness I have received from Dr. Douglas MacLear and all the staff at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute far exceeds any medical facility I have ever been involved with. We all fear the unknown but Dr. MacLear, with his knowledge and gentle manner take that fear away. I no longer live in pain thanks to them. All the staff, nurses, techs and even the department are like a big happy family and that’s how they treat their patients.

Theresa Z.

I personally believe you can tell a lot about a doctor by the staff, a staff that is cheerful and caring. That was my experience as a patient at the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute.

Thank you,
William M.

For the past five years I have been dealing with severe lower back and left leg pain. Dr. Gorfine immediately diagnosed my problem and recommended a series of treatments that given me a virtual pain free life. Friends want to know how I became pain free and I tell them it was the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute along with Dr. Gorfine and his Staff.


While waiting in self pity to see Dr. Gorfine, I sat around and let my 5’ 7” frame grow to 240 lbs. and a size 44” pants. Before being hit by a car I had a career, a house and was a body builder with hopes of competing by the time I reached 50 years of age. In January of 2006, I decided to try Dr. Gorfine’s traditional methods of medicine, but had no real hope. Now 3 months later, because of Dr. Gorfine and his staff, I am no longer that 240 lb. pitiful shell of a man that first entered this office. I am now back in the gym, less than 200 lbs., 50” chest, 16” biceps and waist of 36”! Because of Dr. Gorfine, I will now one day be able to reach my goal of winning a body-building championship! I was touched by the way Dr. Gorfine spoke to me and appreciate what he did for me “I OWE MY LIFE TO HIM…

Jeffrey H.

Dr. Gorfine and his staff literally gave me my life back. I started seeing Dr. Gorfine in 1994. I had terrible spasms and neuropathic pain. I learned and appreciated the fact that Dr. Gorfine believes in the Hippocratic Oath, especially, “do no harm”. He starts with the least invasive procedure and proceeds from there. I had already an electronic implanted pump to manage my spasms and pain, but it did not work. Dr. Gorfine revised it and I have a new lease on life. I am happily looking forward to events in my future. Dr. Gorfine and his great staff will put themselves out to go the extra mile for their patients. They are warm and caring and very interested in improving the lifestyle of everyone they see. I would recommend this practice to anyone whose life has been altered by chronic pain. They are GREAT!

Evelyn M.

I cannot thank Dr. MacLear enough for the relief I am experiencing in what had been an extremely painful arm. Each time that I would use it, I literally grimaced from pain. I am constantly awed by your diagnosis and the prescribed protocol that helps me again and again. Thank You, Thank You, and once again Thank You!

Your Very Grateful Patient,
Lillian W.

Dr. Lawrence Gorfine and his staff at the Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute have made the quality of my life physically and emotionally the best that I could have ever wanted. Dr Gorfine, through his medical expertise, was able to pinpoint the source of my debilitating pain. His knowledge medically gave me hope and strength that I would return to a normal life and a normal level of physical activity, which I have. Dr. Gorfine’s staff reassured me with their concern and care. They were caring, supportive and friendly. Dr. Gorfine and staff have given me the return to the life that I wanted: a “new” energetic life.

Gregory B.

For many months I suffered with pain in my groin, my legs and back. I spoke to my Primary Physician who suggested I visit Dr. Gorfine. An examination revealed the problems in my back which was causing my discomfort. Dr Gorfine recommended a series of treatments which he performed. These treatments gave a great deal of relief which allowed me to continue my activities in a relatively pain free environment. I am convinced that Dr. Gorfine is very qualified in the field of pain management and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to friends, family and acquaintances.

Jack A.

I have found the entire staff to be very compassionate and competent in alleviating the pains which I experienced during a terrible case of the shingles.

Maurice W.

After experiencing severe pain and inability to walk or get up out of a chair without unbelievable pain, I was recommended to the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute. Both physicians were so very caring. They employed new medical therapies, patience and kindness over a period of time. I find myself so improved. I can get up, walk rather well, sleep better and I am truly grateful to these doctors and the water therapy they have recommended. They have all been so caring and I thank each and everyone; nurses and all staff.

Jane K.

I have received wonderful care from Dr. Gorfine and his staff. Dr Gorfine is a “wonderful” doctor and a very kind man. He takes time with me when I am in his office for an appointment. He has always done his very best to keep me pain free. I am so fortunate to have such a “fine” and “caring” man for my doctor.

Shirley A.

I have had many epidural treatments with cortisone and the pain relief was only short lived. Dr Gorfine suggested and gave me radiofrequency treatments. The pain relief from these treatments was much more effective and the pain relief lasted much longer.

Mildred S.

After many weeks of going to a chiropractor for bad back pain, I went to see an orthopedic doctor. He sent me to therapy. After weeks of that, he sent me to get a CAT-scan. After seeing the reports, he said I should go see Dr. Douglas MacLear. He was the most caring doctor and told me that he believed some shots would help. After two series of shots I am pain free. I would recommend Dr. MacLear to everyone who has pain. His office staff truly cares about you.

Barbara W.