Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute offers Radiofrequency alternatives to Laser Surgery with superior outcomes.

Eight in 10 Americans, between the ages of 20 and 45, have suffered from some form of back pain.  It is estimated that 1 in 10 people suffer from neck or back pain while you are reading this report.

And while there is a seemingly limitless array of temporary remedies, ranging from back braces, physical therapy to anti-inflammatory medication, science now introduces enduring hope for people living with pain.

Dr. Gorfine and Dr. Douglas MacLear are both Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and are achieving remarkable success with highly specific modern and minimally invasive procedures. Their pioneering techniques eliminate pain at its source by isolating and treating the true cause of the pain. Their breakthrough processes accurately identify the source of the problem and utilize Radiofrequency (RF), rather than Laser Surgery to eliminate the pain.

“What is especially attractive about these procedures is that surgical openings are not needed as they are for Laser procedures. Less tissue burning, fewer complications and less post-procedure pain occur with Radiofrequency,” said Dr. MacLear. This allows the person to quickly return to a normal level of activity. We avoid major and even minor surgery. The patient is in and out in two hours. We treat all patients suffering back and neck pain. Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute is especially well known for the treatment of accident victims, including sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall and work-related injuries of both the young and old.”


“We had one patient who had been racing mountain bikes,” said Dr. Gorfine. “He was in a horizontal position when he fell 12 feet. Off to the hospital he went, where they found a fractured spinal vertebra. A month later, he was still hurting and was referred to my office. We found that his fractured bone had healed, but in addition to the fracture, he had injured a small joint in his spine. We numbed the injured joint with a thirty minute radiofrequency procedure.  He’s back out on mountain bikes and performing his regular activities. With this new technology, we can now fix the pain – and he did not need surgery!”

Society is accustomed to having patients go to an orthopedic doctor who sends the patient to physical therapy. Physical Therapy can last for a month or longer. “It can often be a waste of precious time” Dr. Gorfine adds. “A delay in treatment is not good for the patient.  If you get the swelling and inflammation to go away quickly, you have a better chance of permanent success. Chronic inflammation will damage a joint and cause the individual to experience pain and joint dysfunction indefinitely. We strongly encourage people in pain to quickly come here first.”  The new, minimally-invasive Radiofrequency procedures are also effective for other injuries and are helpful treating medical problems such as neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, herniated discs and radiculopathy.