Many adults suffer from acute injury and chronic low back pain.  Approximately twenty per cent of low back pain, especially after injury, is caused by the sacroiliac joint, a coarse joint located on both sides of the lower back at the base of the spine.
The sacroiliac joint is formed by a triangular bone, the Sacrum, that wedges into the pelvic girdle.  Each time we move or walk, weight is shifted alternately down one side, then the other.

The SIJ moves with a rotation and a sliding movement as we walk.   When it malfunctions, there is slippage, or loosening and stretching of the joint. This malfunction and stretching of the joint and joint capsule causes the pain with standing, walking and often sitting.  The SIJ ligaments and joint capsule all stretch and this causes severe pain.

Regenerative Therapy with Radiofrequency was developed by Dr. Gorfine.  It is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that strengthens the Sacroiliac Joint and stops the pain caused by the dysfunction.  It is performed under Fluoroscopic X-ray visualization as an out-patient procedure.

If Dr. Gorfine or Dr. MacLear suspect the back pain is originating from the sacroiliac joint, they first test the sacroiliac joints, and if the joints prove to be the problem, a permanent regenerative injection procedure with radiofrequency is performed. This new and minimally invasive procedure stimulates, strengthens and rejuvenates ligaments supporting the Sacroiliac Joints.  A success rate of up to 80 per cent is being achieved with satisfying, and frequently permanent results. For the majority of patients, the severe pain is completely relieved and surgery is not needed!

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