Prolotherapy and Plantar Fascitis

Prolotherapy is the injection of stimulant substances that initiate and cause the healing process. Prolotherapy is now being used effectively to treat Plantar fascitis and the foot pain associated with Plantar fascitis. Prolotherapy injections are performed approximately one week apart and several injections, usually three, are necessary.

What substances are in the Prolotherapy solution?

The Prolotherapy solution used at Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute are a variety of mild hypertonic stimulant solutions that have been found to stimulate growth of the ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissue. These solutions have been found to be safe and effective in the 50 years they have been used to treat Plantar Fascitis.

What Does Prolotherapy Do in the Treatment of Plantar Fascitis?

is first applied by small injections of the ligaments on the top of the foot. These ligaments maintain the arch of the foot. Injections on the top of the foot avoid injecting the painful areas. By strengthening and tightening these ligaments, the arch is increased and supported. the additional support takes the strain off the Plantar fascia which reduces the pain and persistent irritation of the fascia.

Because the architecture of the foot is strengthened, the foot is stronger and less stretching of the plantar fascia occurs, and the foot can again function normally. Prolotherapy is often performed alone or in conjunction with supplemental arch supports, heel and foot stretching exercises.

How Often are Treatments?

The prolotherapy treatments for Plantar Fascitis are done once a week. Usually 2 or 3 treatments are necessary. The resultant strengthening process continues for up to eight to ten weeks. Often pain begins to improve after only two to three weeks. The treatments are performed in our office in Lake Worth. Call us at: (561) 649-8770 to book your appointment.

Is Prolotherapy Right For You?

Prolotherapy is right for anyone suffering from the foot pain associated with Plantar fascitis. It is a minimally invasive procedure with very few possible side effects. These treatments have been used successfully for many different medical conditions for over 50 years. Only now have physicians used Prolotherapy for the foot pain caused by Plantar fascitis and other ailments affecting the foot.

Prolotherapy treatments generally do not hinder the patient from continuing normal daily activities while the treatments are performed. It takes the minimum amount of time from your work or other activities. Call our Lake Worth office to learn more about how Prolotherapy can help ease the foot pain of caused by your Plantar fascitis (561) 649-8770.