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Back and Neck Pain

There are numerous causes of back and neck pain. Careful diagnostic evaluations and pathology specific treatments are required to correctly identify and treat specific spinal pain problems. Surgery does not cure all neck, back and sciatica problems. In fact, surgery is often not necessary.

It takes careful evaluations and examinations to locate and successfully resolve back pain problems.

The pain management physicians at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic institute are all full-time Board Certified Pain Medicine Anesthesiologists. At our pain management practice in West Palm Beach our staff provide non-surgical orthopedic medical solutions to diagnosis a specific injury or condition, prescribe a course of therapy, evaluate the response to treatments, and the subsequent modification of the treatment plan tailored to each individual patient. Comprehensive patient work-ups include medical history, current medications, work and life activities, nutrition, a physical examination, review of any diagnostic tests and may include the prescription of further diagnostic tests. Comprehensive treatment plans are formulated and discussed with each patient.

Neck and back pain often has multiple sources. Pain may come from discs, nerves, joints in the spine, ligaments, tendons and muscles. A systematic evaluation allows our physicians to carefully identify those sources and initiate an individual plan.

Treatment techniques used by the board-certified pain management physicians here at the Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute in West Palm Beach include a modern, forward thinking approach to understanding and treating the injury process, limiting the inflammatory response and stimulating a healing process. These contemporary modalities often incorporate the use of diagnostic and therapeutic injections, Radiofrequency Technology, Laser Technology, Interdiscal Thermal Treatments and Proliferant and Regenerative techniques.

A careful comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan is the proven and successful means to resolve neck and back pain injuries and conditions. Surgery is a treatment of last resort.

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September 14, 2018