Health Insurance Restrictions

If you have health insurance, then you’ll know that when you need healthcare, you are restricted to the doctors on your insurance company’s list of approved providers. However, what you may not know is that these providers are often restricted by your insurance company in terms of what procedures and therapies they can provide, even if the physician believes it is the patient’s best chance of a positive, long term outcome.

This article outlines three reasons why it may be time to reconsider your options – in particular why paying out of pocket may give you a better long term outcome than going through your health insurance.

Private Pay Benefits:

1. As a private pay patient, your West Palm Beach Pain Management doctor can recommend the treatment option which gives you the best chance of a positive, long term outcome.

Let’s be honest, as the patient, it’s obvious that you want the best treatment option. However, depending on your insurance plan, your doctor’s options may be somewhat restricted. Going outside of your plan (and paying as a private pay patient) allows your physician (choosing the best doctor) to recommend the option which is best for you – with no restrictions limiting his/her advice.


2. Paying privately for interventional pain management may even be cheaper than your health insurance.

Pain management west palm beachFirstly, for patients looking for interventional pain management in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County – or even across Florida – it may actually be cheaper to pay privately than to go through your health insurance. Let’s think logically about it for a moment. Insurance companies employ thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of people. Imagine if that money could be cut out? This could potentially greatly reduce the cost of healthcare. Secondly, if your condition is affecting your work (and therefore income), it may be a worthwhile investment to pay privately and get the best possible treatment, instead of being restricted to treatment options which may not be the best option. In short, despite private pay seeming expensive on the surface, it may actually be a cheaper option.


3. Private pay (for pain management in West Palm Beach) is faster.

If you have been injured or sick before – and had to go through your health insurance – then you already know that this is not always as quick and easy as it could be. Delays with communication from your adjuster, authorizations, and scheduling can all contribute to delaying the care you so badly need. Imagine you could cut all of that out – and simply go straight to your local West Palm Beach interventional pain management doctor and schedule an appointment, get seen promptly, and receive treatment. Not only would this be less stressful, but studies have shown that the sooner you receive treatment, the better your chances of a positive outcome are. This reduced stress, faster treatment, and better outcomes some of the many reasons why private pay is starting to become a popular choice among more and more patients.


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