Laser Treatment & Therapy Now Available in Palm Beach County

laser treatment palm beach countyPalm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute is pleased to offer a new and scientifically proven minimally invasive therapy to treat acute and chronic pain, as well as injuries from sports injuries to motor vehicle accident injuries. Mid Intensity Laser treatments – including Palm Beach County laser treatment – have been found to speed and improve healing from injuries and avoid costly and invasive medical procedures.

Laser is a type of light energy. It has many uses, as the laser wavelengths can be focused into powerful beams of light energy. In medicine, these beams can cut tissue, remove hair or destroy tumors.

Laser has also been found to reduce pain and inflammation hence Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute promotes laser treatment in Palm Beach among their patients. Palm Beach County Laser therapy additionally aids in the repair of injured or damaged tissue and promotes healing. This bio-stimulation is accomplished as the laser creates photo-chemical reactions that liberate and stimulate enzymes that are involved in the complex electron transport within the cells’ mitochondria.  

There are many uses of laser therapy for treating injuries and pain. These include treatment of sprains & strains, joint injuries, rashes, skin ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendon & ligament injuries and neck or back pain.

Therapeutic Laser treatments are non-invasive and painless. These treatments are specific and localized to the affected part of the body. Laser treatment does not include medications that can affect the entire body or change a person’s level of mental consciousness. There are no serious side effects when applied by a doctor or trained therapist.

Laser treatments – including laser therapy offered by Palm Beach County Spine & Diagnostic Institute are in general inexpensive and effective when used alone or together with other forms of treatment.
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