Spine PainIf you are looking for interventional pain management in West Palm Beach, then you are fortunate in so much as you have many doctors to choose from. So on the surface it may seem easy to find a doctor to treat you, however what you really should be looking for is a doctor who will get you the best possible outcome. This is something altogether different and harder to find. With the rapid increase of pain clinics in West Palm Beach and Florida in general, pain doctors are now plentiful. But finding interventional pain management doctors who can treat the source of your injury, instead of just your symptoms – well that’s a whole other story.

This article aims to give you some simple yet reliable tips about how to choose an interventional pain management doctor in West Palm Beach who can give you the best possible chance of a maximum medical recovery.

1. Make sure your West Palm Beach Pain Management doctor is Board Certified

If the doctor is Board Certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine and the American Board of Anesthesiology, then this means that he/she has undergone significant training and met high standards in order to obtain this certification. This means that the doctor is subsequently in a better position (and is more likely) to provide better medical care for pain management.

Secondly, Board Certified Pain Management Doctors have the ability to prescribe medications or conduct procedures specific to your medical needs and requirements, and have less restrictions when making this recommendation (when compared with pain management doctors who are not Board Certified.)

2. What’s the reputation of your West Palm Beach Pain Management Doctor?

Unless your doctor is fresh out of college, he or she has already seen many other patients. These patients will know best if they had a good or negative experience or outcome. Therefore, it’s worth reviewing online reviews or asking the opinion of past patients (if you know any). There are several online sites where you can check this out, including Google Reviews, Healthgrades, or RateMDs.com.

3. Does your doctor focus on treating the source of the pain?  Or just the symptoms?

If your physician’s main solution to treating pain is prescribing pain medications, it’s quite possible that his/her approach is to only treat the symptoms of your pain. This is where pain management differs from interventional pain management. An interventional pain management doctor focuses more on treating the root cause of the pain, therefore leading to better long term pain relief and outcomes. This has the added benefit of reducing the chance of addiction.

About Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute

west palm beach pain managementPalm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute is an interventional pain management practice serving patients in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Palm Beach County in general. The focus of the practice is to provide world-class, non-surgical orthopedic medicine as a way of targeting the root cause of pain – instead of simply relying upon prescription medications. This approach has earned the practice a great reputation for excellent outcomes and for returning patients to their daily lives and activities.

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