Dr. MacLear and Dr. OzDr. MacLear and the staff at Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute (PBS & DI) were pleased to attend the ABC Channel 25 Health & Wellness Festival at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall and discuss with Dr. Oz the new breakthroughs in treating painful spine and joint injuries.Numerous attendees discussed with the doctors the multiple new and innovative treatment options that are offered by PBS & DI.  Of special interest were the regenerative treatments using
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and the repair and healing of painful shoulder, knee and hip disorders.The highlight of the day was when Dr. Oz visited with Dr. MacLear and our staff and allowed us the opportunity to inform him  of the new concepts of joint injury and treatment, especially when it involves neck and back pain and injuries.Palm Beach golfers were especially happy to visit our table as they were given golf towels in addition to the answers to their questions regarding golf related sports injuries and the treatments available to keep them on the fairways.