We continue to make progress in keeping Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute a safe place to get pain relief for those concerned about Covid-19 risks. Our in-office safety protocols continue to be some of the best in Palm Beach County. In addition to using surgical-grade masks, screening and temperature checking everyone who enters the building, and scrubbing down every room between patients, we recently took additional steps to ensure your safety:

We installed UV light systems into all of air handlers, and keep them running continuously during office hours. The air movement and UV light make it difficult for any viruses to survive recirculation and keep the rooms full of fresh clean air.

Additionally, most of our staff have now received their first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. We are grateful for the people at Moderna for developing the vaccine, the staff at Palms West Hospital administering the shots to area healthcare workers, and all of the officials who helped distribute the vaccine. No one experienced any serious side effects and all are looking forward to getting a second shot in 4 weeks. The event was very well organized and no one waited more than an hour. In addition to helping protect the staff at Palm Beach Spine and Diagnostic Institute, it also helps us ensure that even patients most concerned about Covid-19 can get safe pain relief.