Q.What is Cold Laser Therapy or Cold Laser Treatment in Palm Beach County?

A. Cold Laser therapy is the use of low intensity laser photon energy to relieve pain and enhance the body’s healing/rejuvenation process.

Q. How does Cold Laser Therapy in Palm Beach County work?

A. Photons from the laser light excite the body’s cells infusing them with energy, with the three primary reactions being, reduction of inflammation, cell regeneration, and increased blood flow.

Q. What is Cold Laser Therapy used for?

A. There are many applications for Cold Laser Therapy, the most common uses are to relieve pain and stimulate the body’s own healing process.

Q. What are the benefits of cold laser therapy in Lake Worth?

A. Cold Laser Therapy is a noninvasive, fast and effective modality that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, reduce edema and promote healing.

Q. How safe is Cold Laser Therapy in Palm Beach County?

A. Cold Laser Therapy has is very safe, the only precaution is to avoid shining the laser directly into the eyes.

Q. How deep into the tissue can laser light penetrate?

A. The depth of penetration is dependent on multiple factors including mass and density, however since low level laser has been proven in clinical studies to effect subcutaneous cells; the point is low level laser does penetrate into the body.

Q. Can I use Cold Laser Therapy at home, on myself?

A. Cold Laser Therapy is simple enough for any adult to use at home, at work, or on the go.

Q. Is Cold Laser Therapy painful?

A. No, most people do not feel anything, for those that have reported a feeling, it is nothing more than a slight tingling.

Q. Who uses Cold Lasers in Palm Beach County?

A. Cosmetic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Plastic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors, Spas, and now YOU!

Q. How is Cold Laser Therapy administered?

A. The Laser Therapy pen can be used directly on the skin or held further away, as far as 1ft to cover larger areas for example neck muscles, shoulder muscles, or back muscles.

Q. How long does it take for the laser to heal or improve a condition?

A. Most people can feel a difference after the very first time using the Laser Therapy Pen. We recommend rating your pain level from 1-10, 10 being the worst, before you use the laser. Try one to three minutes on the area of pain and then rate your pain level again. Reapply the laser as needed or until you feel relief.

Q. What’s the difference between Lasers vs. LED?

A. The Laser Therapy Pen uses a super high quality industrial grade laser module that is fine tuned to 660nm along with glass optics to insure a high level of bio-stimulation and healing. LEDs are inexpensive, non-focused wide range light sources. The primary difference is in performance and depth of penetration, Laser light penetrates more deeply.

Q. What clinical studies have been conducted using Cold Laser?

A. http://www.healinglightseminars.com/laser-therapy/laser-research-library/