What took the CDC so long?

An article published in the Wall Street Journal (March 16, 2016): CDC Seeks to Limit Abuse of Painkillers, highlights what Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute has been practicing for years – non-narcotic pain management. In the recent article, the CDC suggests guidelines for physicians to identify and use alternative methods for the treatment and care of chronic pain.

CDC SEEKS TO LIMIT ABUSE OF PAINKILLERSFor the past decade we – at our pain management clinic in Palm Beach County – have been against the overuse and abuse of prescribed painkillers. In Florida, I have worked with local and Tallahassee legislators to close down clinics and pill mills whose patients were getting unlimited supplies of painkillers, but no real medical care. As an advocate for procedure-oriented pain management, this initiative from the CDC is excellent start – but long overdue. The addiction to opioid pain killers can last a lifetime, and all too often causes fatal results. I spend time educating my patients on the dangers of prescription drugs and try to break the cycle of “I just want my pain meds”. For many patients the dangers of painkillers were never fully explained.

At my pain management clinic in Lake Worth, I stress to patients the importance of a prescription free procedure-oriented pain treatment, and highlight how many proven and innovative services we offer, such as directing the body’s own healing properties to help elevate pain. Treatments such as facet joint injections, Radiofrequency rhizotomies, regenerative injection therapy, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma and laser therapy combined with a healthy lifestyle, often is all a patient needs to be pain free and happy. For more information about the treatments we offer – such as prolothereapy and PRP therapy right here in Palm Beach County – please visit our website www.www.careinjury.com, or call or office at 561.649.8770.

Dr. Lawrence Gorfine is a board certified pain management physician in Lake Worth with Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute. Dr. Gorfine is Past-Chairman of the Pain Committee of the Florida Society of Anesthesiologists, and is Past-President of the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine. He was Director of Pain Medicine, Associate Professor and Fellowship Director of Pain Management at the Medical College of Virginia. As a leader in his field, Dr. Gorfine has over 25 years of experience in anesthesiology and pain medicine. He has lectured and educated both residents and fellows at university medical centers throughout the county.